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What's Homebrew?

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Many people that've bought a Sony PSP have no clue what homebrew is, so they miss out on the full potential of their handheld gadget.

What is homebrew?
"Homebrew" refers to programs such as games, utility software, and the like, that are made at home by individual people (as opposed to development companies).

Many different handhelds (and console's alike) have homebrew apps and games, but due to the huge devolpement community for PSP, it takes the lead in homebrew innovation.

What can I do with homebrew?
The possibilities are endless. There are already thousands of homebrew apps created, and many more in the works.

Some of the more popular homebrew apps include:

PSP Genesis
PSP Genesis is a Sega Genesis emulator for your psp. You can download Genesis roms from various torrent sites and p2p programs and play them on your psp with this emulator.

PSP Rhythm
Inspired by classic drum machines such as the Linndrum and Roland TR-series, PSP Rhythm has been created to use a similar simple, yet effective sequencer.

Wifi Jukebox
Stream audio from your local PC to your PSP through any wifi connection.

PSP Weather Feed
Fetch and view weather conditions easily with your PSP's web browser!

This is just scratching the surface of the many, many homebrew apps available for the PSP.

What is firmware?
Firmware is the software version that your PSP uses. It's very important in using homebrew, to know what firmware version you have.

Sony realeases new firmware versions on a regular basis, in order to keep homebrew apps to a minimal, and to put a stop to pirated games.

Firmware version 1.50 is the ultimate homebrew friendly version, BUT with recent homebrew breakthroughs, it is possible to emulate this firmware version on newer versions.

What version of firmware do I have?
To find out your homebrew version, Go to System Settings > System Information.

How do I use homebrew apps?
Most homebrew apps require you to move certain files to the 'GAME' folder of your psp. Depending on your firmware version, this may be all you need to do in order to get up & running with homebrew.

For anyone who had just gotten hold of a brand new PSP, learning how to put psp game downloads to PSP is something that should be learned. Learning how to do so can help a person enjoy his PSP to the fullest, explore all of its features and maximize its use.

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